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Pellets ?

Pellet fuel; It is the small particles used to obtain energy by increasing the density by processing all kinds of agricultural residues, wood, industrial wood residues and forestry residues. Biomass pellet fuels, which have a cylindrical form, are usually in small pieces with a diameter of 6-10 mm and a length of 20-30 mm.


  • It has a cylindrical form.

  • It is usually in small pieces 6-10 mm in diameter and 20-30 mm in length.

  • Wood pellet contains about 7-12% moisture. Since the moisture content is low, its calorie is higher than firewood. Calorie value: 4500kcal/kg

  • Wood pellet is a clean, carbon dioxide-free, useful fuel type.

  • It is produced from sawdust and wood chips compressed under high pressure without using 100% natural and no chemical additives.

  • It does not cause environmental pollution as it does not contain chemical additives.

  • In all products containing the solid fuel area used as a heating system; It can be used in products such as Stoves, Fireplaces, Heating Boilers, Pellet Stoves.

  • It can be used in products such as Pellet Stoves. (For more information, visit the "Pelet Stoves" tab on our site.)

  • Burning time is longer than wood.

  • Its efficiency is high. 90% (Efficiency of coal 65%)

  • The air requirement is 20% of the coal.

  • Ash Ratio Max. It's six thousandths.

  • It does not form slag.

  • It does not clog the chimneys and does not bind soot.

  • Our factories are located in Kastamonu, Adana, Ankara, Sakarya, Bartın, Edirne.

  • Special shipping and delivery prices can be given for high tonnage purchases.


Packaging Specific:ations


* 87 bags per skid
* 20 skids per container
*1740 bags total/container
*26.1 Metric Tons

18kg (40lb North American Bags)

* 72 bags per skid
* 20 skids per container

*1440 bags total/container
*25.9 Metric Tons

Big Bags

*Between 750kg and 1.3 MT per bag

Technical Specifications

-Net calorific value: ≥4.9 kWh/kg

-Ash rate ≤0.9%

-Length : 3.15 < L < 40mm

-Humidity: ≤10%

-Diameter : 6 ± 1mm


Usage Areas

  • Greenhouses

  • Dairies

  • Coops

  • Laundries

  • Restaurants

  • Public buildings

  • Farms

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