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Wood Pellets A2 standard

Pure wood eco pellets with A2 standard quality grade

The main characteristics:

  • Quality standard: comply with A2

  • Color: dark gray, coffee with milk

  • Diameter: 6 mm

  • Length: 3-40 mm

  • Moisture: ≤8%

  • Ash: 0.7%

  • Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg (4300 kcal/kg or 18.0 MJ/kg)

  • Volatile matters: 78-83%

  • The sulfur content: ≤0.03%

  • Bulk density: 670 kg/m³

  • 100% natural ecologically clean raw material: pine or hardwoods, pure wood

  • Quality guaranteed

Packaging and Logistic:

  • Price and terms: FCA Incoterms, include export customs clearance, packed and loaded, ready for transportation to unload point. It could be any logistic terms, agreed with the Customer, for example: CPT or DAP

  • Packing: 15 kg polybag

  • Total 67-70 polybags on a EUR pallet, packed in rows, covered with stretch film for the stability

  • Transportation: trucks or sea containers

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